The Richmond comes in two different sizes 1200mm &1600mm (all sizes are from outside of the Gallows Brackets).


The Richmond is manufactured from European Redwood and comes in a Primed & un-primed finish. All canopies are supplied with a pair of Softwood Gallows Brackets(Unless purchased with canopy sides).

Richmond Flat Style Porch Canopy

  • Depth of canopy,

    FPC12R & FPC16R = 500mm.

    Lid = 18mm WBP Plywood. (Leadwork by others)

    Top Framework = Softwood(Pine) ex.75 x 50 (70x45f).

    Bottom Framwork = Softwood(Pine) ex.100 x 50 (95x45f).

    Underside = Softwood(Pine) "V" Jointed Matchboard.

    Fascia = Softwood(Pine) 20mm Thick

    Gallows Brackets = Softwood(Pine) ex.75 x 50 (70x45f)